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Publish your chronicles, exposing the naked truth of the human nature. Only one BUT: Remember: “everything that’s laying straight lies, the truth is a curve”

Our truth depends on who we are, on what we want and on the social environment we live in (not necessarily in this order). We, the humans, are “freaks” for us the humans and as it was said; “The man is a wolf for the man”. We believe that our decisions are based on our objectives, on our needs and on our expectations. Pityfully, this is just another utopia. Our decisions are more based on the expectations of other human beings, than on our own, our decisions depend on the environment, on our values and principles, on our information, but mainly, (and this is very important) they are based on what we believe that the truth is. The following is a series of articles, depicting what we, humans, do for other humans, how we assess them, how we help them improve their lives.

I await your gentle contributions; you can publish here anything, showing the nakedness of the human being in front of the human being, anything about your self or others.

Here you have the first story. It is a small piece of a wicked and sick human conception about life. For these people, the world (also called civilization) is a hostile place, full of demons and ultimately, a place to be patched-up. Their actions are fully justified by their thoughts about humans, about god and truth. Is that enough justification? Can these people rest peacefully because they have done what it takes to make this world a better place for everyone of us?

…”The girl is critically ill in hospital after her family sewn the girl up themselves and said she had been bitten by a dog to cover their crime.

A man accused of raping the girl, from the central Afghan province of Bamiyan, is under arrest.

The rural family apparently decided to perform an abortion when the girl was five months pregnant to protect the family’s honour.

Rape victims face extreme social stigma, imprisonment and abandonment or murder by their own families in Afghanistan.

Dr Ghulam Mohammad Nader, head of Bamiyan hospital, told the BBC that the girl had been able to explain what had happened but was in a critical condition with infected wounds. She is now being treated in the capital Kabul.

“The girl stayed at home for three or four days in her condition until her father took her to hospital,” he said.

“He said a dog had bitten her so that people in the area wouldn’t know what had really happened.”

Habiba Sarabi, governor of the province, said the girl had been bound and taken to a stables for the abortion. Police are now trying to arrest her family”…



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